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Sammy Bohannon-Tutor

Hi! I am Sammy Bohannon and I am the CEO and tutor at Growing Literacy Tutoring. Growing Literacy Tutoring is an online tutoring service focused on helping struggling readers and writers develop their skills to make growth in literacy. I work with students in grades 2-10 who need extra help in reading and writing, including English language learners. I love helping students reach their full potential and get more from reading and writing.


Why Growing Literacy Tutoring?

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Does your student read a passage and not know what it was about? Or do they write full pages that just don't make sense? For some students, literacy is a struggle, but it doesn't have to be with the right tutor. I will guide your student to improve their reading and writing abilities. I want to make sure that all students find something they enjoy reading and can read fluently! And if they don't learn to love to read, they will at least be a better reader :).
Furthermore, I believe that reading and writing must go together to help a person become skilled in literacy. I follow a tutoring plan which I focus on different reading strategies and topics that most students tend to struggle with to help your child grow and excel in those areas. They include main idea, story elements, theme, and text features. I also assess your child's ability to determine which skills they need to work on to tweak my plan as needed.


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I had a great experience when my son needed a couple of review classes for his 8th grade Standardized writing and reading tests. Everything was really organized and easy to arrange the sessions; very professional. We even got a bundle of hours because the cost per hour was better; win-win. Sammy is very knowledgeable and willing to help him with learning how to study fast and efficiently as well as specific school subjects. The most important is that my son feels he is heard during the lesson and he is also inspired to read literature! As a children’s book author myself this is my dream for my son and all kids, so I appreciate it a lot! We will keep coming back for extra help this summer to prepare his successful entrance to high school. Highly recommended.

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