Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

What Happens in Tutoring?

A Typical Session

A typical session lasts 50 (25 for younger students) minutes. Sessions take place on Zoom. During the sessions I will work on a number of things with your child depending on their plan which we will determine during our free consultation.

How Much Is Tutoring?

The price of tutoring depends on a number of things. Typically, tutoring is around $55 an hour with a slight discount for more hours a week or for paying in advance.


When Is Payment Due?

Payment due dates depend on our schedule. Typically payment is due 24 hours before a session. This will be outlined in our tutoring handbook and contract.

Payment Due Date

What Policies Do You Have in Place?

I have a Tutoring Handbook and a Tutoring Contract that will outline my policies and expectations that we will review when we schedule our first session. You will have a copy of these documents for your records.