Mission: Success!

Reading Comprehension Toolkit

Help your student better understand what they read with Mission Success: Reading Comprehension Toolkit.

What if you could help your child understand what they read? I know you'd do it in a heartbeat! 

With Mission: Success! there's no need to stress! You'll understand some of the most used reading strategies in no time and be able to help your student use them in context. 

About Mission: Success!

Tell me if one of these sound like you: 

1. You are worried about your student's success in school because of their reading comprehension. 

2. You have no idea what to do to help your child with reading comprehension. 

3. You have stayed awake at night wondering if your child will be okay in school because of their reading comprehension. 

WHAT IF there was a way to make all of that worrying go away and know your child was on the path to success? 

That's exactly why I created Mission: Success!, to give all students a chance at succeeding in the ability to comprehend what they read. 

With Mission: Success! get the education and support you need to make sure your child is successful in reading. 

This is a $150 offer, but I am giving it to you today for $27. 

How to Be a Reading Detective.png

How to Be a Reading Detective

A Parent's Guide for Reading Success

A detailed guide explaining 16 useful reading strategies including what they are, why they are important, and how to use them.

Imagine If...

Right now you are struggling with getting your child to read. You want nothing more than for them to be a successful reader and to ease the struggle they are having.

Imagine if you could help put an end to that struggle. Imagine if you could understand some of the strategies we teach to students to help them learn to be better readers. Imagine if you had a guide to tell you what to do in order to help your student. 

Mission: Success! is your key. It will help you understand the reading strategies your child needs to know and provide you with necessary practice for reading. 

Mission Success! is a $150 product, but I am selling it to you today for $27.


About Me

CEO of Growing Literacy Tutoring
Reading, Writing, and English Tutor
Content Creator

Hi! I'm Sammy Bohannon. I am a certified teacher in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. After 6 years in the classroom, I decided enough was enough and I took a leap of faith and became a full-time online tutor. I work with students to improve their reading and writing as well as English language skills and I get to do it in a way that I know is best and that gets results. I mostly work with kids in grades 2-10 and I have realized that often, parents have no idea what good readers should do. That is why I created Mission: Success! 

I want parents to be informed and to know what their children should be doing when they read. My goal with Mission: Success is to bring knowledge to parents and offer practice and support as they work to figure out how to support their struggling readers.

What You Get with Mission: Success!

A $180 Value

Mission: Success! is a digital product that includes various resources to help you and your reader on the path to reading success. See below for a detailed description of each resource.

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How to Be a Reading Detective

$75 Value

This guidebook is for parents to help explain reading strategies and help you understand how to teach them to your child and why they are important for use. There are 3 sections which each include 4 POWERFUL reading strategies to get your child learning ASAP.

Investigating a Text

$50 Value

Your reader can practice the 12 reading strategies using this workbook of fiction and non-fiction texts. You can then discuss their use of the strategies and compare to the Parent's Guide.

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Secret Assignment

$25 Value

This resource is a list of assignments that can be done with just about any text! Readers can fill a row, do the four corners, or cover the whole board to show their reading comprehension. Give rewards to your kiddos to make it even more fun!

Operation: Read More

$15 Value

Books, by grade level clusters, I recommend for students who are in need of new book ideas to keep them motivated and interested in reading.

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Shhhhh....Secret Resources

$15 Value

With this list of teacher-approved resources for reading, you won't be second-guessing which programs to use anymore! Includes resources for ALL grade levels and has them listed along with the website and price (if there is one).

Mission: Success!

A $180 Value for Only $49!

Mission: Success is a $180 value, but it could be yours today for only $27.

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Answers to Common Questions

Who is Mission: Success! for?

Mission: Success! is for parents of struggling readers and parents who want to learn more about reading strategies to better help their children learn to read more naturally and develop strong reading skills.

What grades is this for?

This is applicable for students who can already read, or students in grades 2 and up. These activities are best for students in grades 2-8.

Can this really help me?

Yes! You will learn 12 of the most effective reading strategies to create strong readers. Then you will have access to a workbook which will help your kids practice the skills and other resources which will further solidify your and your child's understanding of the strategies and skills you will learn.

Is this an online product?

This product is purchased online, but will be downloaded for further use. You can print it, choose to use it on the computer, or simply leave it online as a reference. It is printable :)

Is it printable?

Yes! It is 100% printable.

How long will you have access?

After download, you will have unlimited lifetime access to Mission: Success!.

Parents and Child

Who Is Mission: Success! For?

How to Know if This Product Is for You

Parents of Struggling Readers

Does your child struggle with reading and you are at your wit's end about how to help? Then this product is for you!

Parents of Young, Advanced Learners

Is your child in grades 1-4 an advanced reader who is ready to move on? Needs more instruction to grow? Then Mission: Success! is for you!

Parents and Caregivers Who Want to Know More About Reading Instruction

Not sure if you fit in the other categories? No problem! Mission: Success! is also great for any adult who simply wants to know more about reading instruction and get some new ideas to help their kiddos!

How Does This Work?

How Do I get Access?

Step 1: Click the Buy Mission: Success! Now button at the bottom of this section.

Step 2: Follow the link to Thinkific.

Step 3: Click on the green button that says Purchase. Complete the form.

Step 4: Check your inbox for your username and password. 

Step 5: Download, view files online, or wait a while, but the content is yours!

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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Classmates in the Library

Imagine If...

Imagine where your child could be 4 months from now with the help of Mission: Success!. Your child could be reading independently and using strategies successfully. You could have less stress and your child could be more confident!

Act Now!

Don't Wait

Get Mission: Success!

Only $27!

Don't Miss Out

On this amazing resource.

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Get Mission: Success!

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