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Mission: Success! A Reading Comprehension Toolkit for Parents

I began working on Mission: Success! a few months ago after having some conversations with parents and educators about what parents really need to know about reading. First, I started with my my recent blog posts, the Reading Fluency 4 part series. While I was working on that series, I considered the different aspects of reading fluency and what parents need to know about each. I felt like most people understood what is speed and accuracy. I also felt like reading with expression was pretty self-explanatory and easy to explain in a short blog post, but I felt like I needed to give more to the reading comprehension side of reading fluency. That began my planning for Mission: Success! A Reading Comprehension Toolkit for Parents.

In my planning, I considered everything a parent would need to know about reading comprehension, what I know about reading comprehension, and what we teach children about reading comprehension. Then I considered the fact that unless someone is trained to teach reading, they may no know or understand that reading comprehension requires direct instruction of the strategies in order for the students to show actual improvement. If a student doesn't know how to read, how can they know what they are supposed to do to be a good reader? While it comes naturally to some, it does not to others.

Next, I considered that there was no possible way for me to tell parents about all of the reading comprehension skills and strategies in a way that would both make sense and not bore them to death. So I decided to narrow down the strategies the best I could into three sections: 4 reading strategies that work well with ANY text, 4 reading strategies that work well for ALL NON-FICTION texts, and 4 reading strategies that work well with ALL FICITION texts. While there are many more than I have included in Mission: Success!, I felt that these would be the most beneficial to parents to start with. And that is how the How to Be a Reading Detective Guide was created.

How to Be a Reading Detective is a guide for parents which explains in detail 12 different reading strategies and reading skills for successful reading comprehensions. These are skills students should be using and practicing before, during, and after reading to help them better understand a text and become more fluent readers. I include a visual organizer of the strategies along with a detailed explanation of each.

When I finished How to Be a Reading Detective, I kept thinking about other ways I could help parents and my first thought was, what good is learning about the reading strategies if they don't have something to use to immediately practice them? And that is how I go the idea for Investigating a Text: Skills Workbook.

Investigating a Text has 6 reading comprehension passages in it that are specifically designed for students to practice using the strategies that are outlined in the How to Be a Reading Detective guide. I also would suggest that parents use Investigating a Text to practice using the reading strategies if they still have questions about the reading strategies and how they work.

Upon finishing Investigating a Text, my brain ran wild with other things a parent might need or want to better help their child become a more fluent reader with stronger reading comprehension skills. I actually had to narrow down my ideas to do what was feasible and would make this product affordable!

Also included in Mission: Success! is 3 book lists (for grades 2/3, 4/5, and 6-8) filled with wonderful books that kids love that I personally chose and suggest for students in each grade level. The books are in no particular order for a reason. I do not believe that any one book is better than another for anyone. I want students to find what they WANT to read, something they are interested in, so I chose high interest books at each level.

Then, I also included a list of websites I find particularly helpful for kids who are working on developing their reading comprehension and a menu choice board for students to take what they read, either online or in print, and practice using those reading strategies and reading skills that their parents have learned about and have been using to work with them.

You will find that Mission: Success! is a comprehensive reading tool that will work for any student at any grade between second and eighth grade, but don't take my word for it, buy and download Mission: Success! A Reading Comprehension Toolkit today and get started helping your child get on the road to reading success.

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