What Can I Expect From Tutoring?

I am an online reading tutor for kids. I provide online reading help for kids through Zoom at least once a week but can be scheduled more frequently depending on your child's needs. I have a general outline of a tutoring plan and I tailor it to each child as needed. My plan follows an alternating schedule where we spend time working on both fictional and non-fiction texts. I choose passages and writing activities based on your child's interests and needs as determined in our first few sessions. Students should expect tutoring to last 50 minutes (unless they are 8 or younger, then it is 25 minutes) and be ready to learn! During tutoring, we may work on reading, writing, grammar, and even spelling. I try to keep parents and students up-to-date on the plan as we progress with tutoring. Students and parents can always check the portal in TutorBird to see any notes about what we did in sessions and what is coming next.

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